20 May 2019 / Portland, United States

SPLC 2019 Connect

Monday, May 20 | 10:00 - 17:00
Hilton Portland Downtown, Portland, OR, USA


SPLC Connect is a sustainability-focused buyer-supplier matchmaking event that takes place just before the SPLC Summit. The event introduces purchasers to innovative suppliers who have earned the esteem of the sustainability-savvy purchasing professionals involved in the Council. Conceived of and organized by leading SPLC Purchaser members, this event serves the needs of buyers as well as innovative suppliers seeking opportunities to grow their organization’s through sustainability!


Register via the SPLC Summit registration portal by clicking a "Register" button below. Once the Connect matchmaking platform launches in early March, you will receive an invitation email with your log in credentials to the platform. Included in the email will be instructions on the overall process, an invitation to create your profile, and a call to action to start scheduling appointments.



Free admission for qualified buyers.


Member Suppliers* 


Non-Member Suppliers*

*The SPLC Summit Planning Committee reviews all registering suppliers to ensure they are a good fit for the event. Please do not book travel until your place in the matchmaking event has been confirmed. If your registration is not approved, you will receive a full refund.  Please read more about how to successfully navigate the supplier selection process towards the bottom of the page.


One-on-One Meetings

As a matchmaking event, SPLC Connect serves as a quick and easy way to meet potential buyers and suppliers. People meet and discuss opportunities at high speed. Fifteen minutes is usually enough to build relationships and identify areas for further discussion. 

Roundtable Discussions

These sessions are thirty-five minute topical conversations between up to 10 participants. You can choose to join a topical Roundtable Discussion instead of participating in one-on-ones throughout the day. This can be a nice way to meet multiple people at one time who have a common interest in a specific topic. It can also just be a nice break from participating in one-on-ones.


We understand the value of an organic connection made over food and beverage and provide several opportunities to mingle with your fellow participants throughout the day.

Participant Feedback

I have participated in SPLC Connect for two years. It is extremely well executed. The application makes it easy to pick, schedule and change meetings. As a supplier, I have been very pleased with how open buyers have been to learning about us. I have made excellent connections both years.

Jennifer Anderson, Principal, Sustrana

As a supplier it is critical to be at the forefront of changes in the value perception of procurement decision makers. SPLC Summit and Connect gives valuable insight regarding the changes procurement professionals will require from suppliers in the near future.

 Mike Muscara, Corporate Account Director, Waxie

I found SPLC Connect to be very valuable between the direct connections made through the targeted one-on-one meetings as well as being able to join a larger discussion and meet lots of faces through the roundtable discussions. It was a great way to start a conference in getting acquainted with your fellow attendees.

Carole Kerrey, Senior Certification Assessor, Verego

2019 Roundtable Discussion Topics:

Measuring the Environmental, Social, and Economic Impact of Sustainable Purchasing

 Stakeholders love measurable, tangible results. Measure the impacts of your organization's sustainable purchasing efforts can yield a number of positive benefits, but it can be hard to do. Come ready to share experiences and discuss.

Engaging Suppliers Around Sustainability

Purchasers, how do you engage your suppliers around sustainability? Suppliers, how do you want to be engaged? What's most effective? Join this discussion to learn what other participants are trying and share your experiences.

Supplier Sustainability Rating & Evaluation

Purchasers, how do you rate/evaluate your suppliers around sustainability? Suppliers, how do you want to be evaluated? What's most effective? Join this discussion to learn what other participants are trying and share your experiences.

Making the Business Case for Sustainable Purchasing

A common barrier to sustainable purchasing is the perception that it always costs more. But perception is not always reality. Come discuss with other Connect participants how to make the business case for sustainable purchasing.

Sustainability Certifications, Standards, and Labels

The number of sustainability certifications and standards in the marketplace can be overwhelming. But they are a critical enabler of sustainable procurement for many organizations. How can members of the SPLC community make sense of the sustainability standards landscape and help improve the quality and coverage of sustainability standards.

Advancing Social Sustainability via Purchasing

The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals include many goals related to human rights, diversity, decent working conditions, gender equity, and education. How can buyers and suppliers partner to ensure that supply chains are increasingly operating in ways that support the realization of these social sustainability goals?  

Zero Waste, Recycling, and the Circular Economy

Zero Waste and the Circular Economy are increasingly hot topics in the field of sustainability. How can organizations realistically incorporate them into business practices? Do they always make sense? Come ready to share experiences and discuss.

Supplier Selection Process

A committee of SPLC Purchaser Role members, supported by SPLC staff, reviews all suppliers. Suppliers are selected to participate when their products and services offer superior environmental, social, and/or economic responsibility and when those solutions align with needs expressed by registering buyers. Committee approval is a requirement for SPLC Supplier members as well as non-members. Please do not book travel to attend Connect until your participation has been approved, which can take between 1-14 days depending on the committee meeting schedule.


Connect Registration

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